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Communications History

Use the Communications History screen to view all the e-mail and text communications that have been sent to your customers. 

To access the Communications History screen, navigate to Communications and pick the History icon

At the top of the screen, you have some options for searching and filtering the results. 

The Communications History screen lets you review all the email and text messages that have been sent out.

Locations >>  Click this link to expand the list of locations.  Choose one or more locations to search on.
From  / To Date:  Select the date range.  It will default to 30 days.
Show up to:  Select how many results you want to show.
Clicked / Redeemed / With Offers:  Limit your search results based on these criteria
Promo:  Use the drop down to select a particular campaign trigger item or a broadcast message.  Or leave it on ALL to see all results.

The results list will show each message sent, including the Promo Name, Type (Email or SMS), Member sent to, Attached Offers, Sent Date, Offer Expire Date, and results.  For each message, you can see if it was delivered,  bounced (invalid e-mail), opened, clicked on a link, or reported as Spam.  At the top, you'll see a summary of these results. 

Tip:  If you want to see summary results for your campaigns rather than individual lines for each customer, go to Home and click on the Media Performance Report link in the Members section. 

Note:  These performance results are mostly for e-mail only - we can't get deliver/bounce/open/spam results for SMS text messages.

Notice the offer link is in blue. If you click on it, you'll see the offer landing page as customized for that customer.   If the customer has not activated their account yet, you may be blocked by the profile requirement.

Communications History for a Single Customer

To see the communications history for a single customer,  edit that customer, and click on the "History" button at the top of the record.

This screen still gives you the ability to search for a date range, but the listing results are a bit different.

You'll see the message that was sent (Media Name).  Click on it to see the content of the message. 

Additional data includes the Type, Sent date, CampaignID, # of Views, and attached offer(s).  Click on the offers to see the detailed landing page.  

The expiration date is also editable from here.

Click the resend button to regenerate this email and send it to the customer again. 

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