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  1. Adding a Landing Page Link In Your Message

  2. Adding A New Campaign Message

  3. Adding A New Offer

  4. Adding New Media to Campaign

  5. Adding Rewards Registration To Facebook

  6. An Escalating Reward Cycle

  7. Broadcast Approval

  8. Broadcast Blackouts

  9. Changing A Customer's Location

  10. Customer Log In / Register Card

  11. Customer Social Profiles

  12. Customize Member Profile Page

  13. Customize Your Sign Up Page

  14. Customizing your Landing Page (Coupon Page)

  15. Edit A Customer Point Balance

  16. How Customers Can Opt-Out

  17. How to Edit A Transaction

  18. How To Edit Your Campaign Messages

  19. How To Import Customers

  20. Image Resizing Issue for Outlook

  21. Improving E-mail Deliverability

  22. Integration with DiamondTouch Point-of-Sale

  23. Integration with FireFly Point-of-Sale

  24. Integration with Thr!ve Point-of-Sale

  25. Integration with Vital Link Point-of-Sale

  26. Key Reports - What To Look For

  27. Launching Your Loyalty Program

  28. Lifetime Spend Rewards

  29. Managing Offers with Campaign Messages

  30. Managing Your Point Settings

  31. Message or Reward Customers on Visit Count

  32. Multi-Use Offers

  33. Post to Facebook To Promote Your Loyalty Program

  34. Retaining Lost or Lapsed Customers

  35. Reward Customers for Referrals

  36. SalesBuilder Introduction

  37. Send A Message to An Individual Customer

  38. Sending An Email Broadcast

  39. Setting Up A Campaign

  40. Setting Up the Rewards App

  41. Surveys

  42. Tracking who signed up a customer

  43. Use Affiliates To Build Community Referrals

  44. Use Campaign Triggers to Automatically Send Messages

  45. Use SMS Keywords For Special Offers

  46. Using Mobile Push Notifications

  47. Using Program Levels To Customize Your Rewards Program

  48. Using Promo Codes for Customer Sign Up

  49. Using SalesBuilder with Multiple Locations

  50. Using Tags to Segment Customers

  51. Using the "Near A Reward" Message

  52. Using the Rewards App Customer Mode

  53. Using the Rewards App Staff Mode

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