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File Manager

The File Manager is where you can manage images that you will use in your e-mails and landing pages.  To access File Manager, navigate to My Account and choose the File Manager icon. 

Here you will see a list of folders and files that are used in your system. 

Click the Preview Icon to view the image.  
Click the globe icon to see and copy the image's URL.  
Use the red X to delete the image.  Beware of deleting images that are in use on landing pages or e-mails.

To upload a new image, click the "Upload File" button.

Now you can choose 1 or up to 6 images to upload at a time. 

Be sure to format your images for web use, in the proper size for what you plan to use them for.  It is better to resize them outside of the application, and save as "web quality" so that you will not have large images that are difficult for customers to preview.  Inappropriate image file sizes may contribute to your e-mails going to spam. 

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