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Media Performance Report

The Media Performance Report is one of the key reports to help you understand the success and ROI of your SalesBuilder program.   To access this report, from your Home page, in the "Members" section, click on the Media Performance Report link. 

The report will default to the last 30 days, but you can change the date range as needed.  If you have multiple locations, click the Locations link to select 1 or more locations to include in the report.

Performance Reporting

Leave the setting on "Performance" and we'll look at these results.

The 1st section of the report will summarize the number of e-mails and text messages sent during the time period.   

The 2nd section of the report will summarize each "Campaign" type message sent automatically based on your triggers. 

The 3rd section of the report will summarize any broadcast messages that you sent. 

Here are the definitions of some of the columns you will see on the report:

Sent:  Initial messages sent to individual customers
Outstanding:  The offer is not expired yet.
Redeemed: The offer was used online or in store
Ticket Average:  The average ticket when an offer was used.
Clicked:  The customer clicked on the e-mail to see the offer landing page.

Tip:  One quick look at ROI for your program is to calculate the total ticket average value for all the "Lost" type of offers.  Since these went out to customers who haven't been in for a while, its likely that the offer had a big impact in motivating them to come back.  In this example, we've got 2 Lost offers for total redemption value of $5,332.21.  Not bad for one month!

Tip:  Try some experiments to maximize your ROI.  Note the redemption rates and ticket averages for your Welcome offer this month.  Now try changing the offer to see if you can increase the total redemptions and/or the total ticket average?  Keep experimenting to find the right combination!

Deliverability Reporting

Click on the "Deliverability" switch at the top of the report for a slightly different view.  Now you will see these additional fields:

Delivered:  Confirm that the e-mail made it to the inbox.  Invalid e-mail addresses will reduce deliver rates.
Opened:  We can tell when a message actually is opened (rather than just being deleted or archived).  
Complaints:  If any customer marks your message as Spam, this will be a complaint.  Keep your spam rates under .1% (1 out of 1000 emails) to avoid problems with your reputation as a sender.  (Read More about e-mail deliverability)

Tip:  Low open rates?  Try changing up your subject lines.  A personal approach (merge in the customer name) and mention of the reward they've earned will help!

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