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Multi Location Report

The Multi Location Report is a great tool for evaluating and comparing the performance of different locations.   
To access this report, click on the Home screen, and then on the Multi Location link from the Members section. 

At the top of the report, use the Locations link to select the locations you want to report on (it will default to all).   You can also select the date range and choose to limit results to the top X locations per category. 

The report breaks out several key metrics and ranks locations from top to bottom for each one.  In this screen shot we've blocked the location name and address for confidentiality. 

Each section has colored bars which serve as a bar graph to show the relative performance of each location. 

Total Members:  The total members section will always give you the current total members regardless of date range entered.  It also breaks down the members by their source - imported, integration (from the POS or online ordering) or web sign up (on your website). 

New Members Added:  Shows new members added during the time period broken down by source

Visits:  Shows total visits during the time period (a visit is counted for each order, even if it is a online / delivery order)

Revenue:  Shows total ticket revenue for each recorded transaction during the time period. 

Average Ticket:  Shows the ticket average for each transaction recorded.

Feedback:  Shows the survey results for the location.  This shows the total # of positive surveys received (score of 3 or better), the total # of negative surveys received (score under 3), and the average total score (out of 5).

Promotion Redemption:  Shows the number of offers redeemed vs. sent as a %.

Gift Cards: Shows number of gift cards sold and redeemeed (DiamondTouch and Coffee Shop Manager only)

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