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Send an SMS (Text) Broadcast

When you are looking for a quick response and pick up in your business, a text-message broadcast is the fastest way to do it!

Text messaging is an optional feature available to premier SalesBuilder users.   Broadcast messages are billable. 

To send a text message to all your text-enabled customers, navigate to Communications and select SMS broadcast.

Here you will see the SMS Broadcast pop up:

The first few words of the broadcast are your store's abbreviated short name (you can set this up in Account Settings).   You should always include an identifier as your customers won't always know who sent the text message!   Type the rest of your message in the box.  Remember to keep it under 160 characters or it will be charged as 2 separate texts.    Consider adding your website URL for quick access.    The customization tags below allow you to address each customer personally with their name, point balance, etc. You can add a generic coupon code, as we did here, or connect a customer specific offer on the next screen. 

Click Next Step when you are ready.

On this screen you can choose to attach an offer, if you want.  This will connect the offer to the customer account for their use online or in the POS.  Select an offer, or just select Next Step to continue.

On the final screen, name your broadcast.   Choose to save it as a template if you want to resend the same message in the future.

Sending From:   If you have mutiple locations this allows you to select which location databases you wish to include.

Sending To:  This defaults to "Engaged Customers" which include all customers who have had transactions, opened messages, etc. in the last 6 months.    This will send a text to all customers who have their "mobile phone" field entered and who have not opted out of text messaging, either by unchecking it on their profile or by texting "stop" or "cancel" to the program.   If you prefer you can check the box "Send only to customers who prefer SMS".

The total # of texts to be sent and the billable amount are indicate there. This amount is billed monthly on your next statement. 

Press the SAVE button to save this text message.  You can send a test to yourself by pressing "Send Test" and entering your phone #.   Press SEND if you are ready to send out the broadcast.

Scheduling:  If you prefer to schedule the broadcast for the future, you can expand the "Scheduled" accordion.
Just select "Schedule For" and enter a date / time.

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