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Link Directly to Online Reward Redemption

When you send out a message to a customer with an offer attached, you want customers to be able to take action immediately on this offer!   They should be able to place an order online and easily redeem the offer.

Help your customers access their offers online by putting the Rewards page link in your marketing messages.

To find your link:

For clients on Thrive version 8.0 or lower, log into Thrive Online Admin, click on the “Publish” menu option.   Your Online URL is listed there.   Just add:   &route=rewards to the end of it. You can also add this to the end of a specific location URL.

In Thrive Control Center (for version 8.1+) go to Configuration > Online Design > Publish. Add the &route=rewards to the end of the URL shown there.

Example:   Normal Thrive Online URL :

Rewards URL:

Edit Your Campaign Message

To edit a campaign message in SalesBuilder, log in and navigate to Communications > Campaign.  Click on the "Default Premier Campaign" to get to a screen that looks like this:

Choose your first message, in this case the WELC-Welcome and click on it.  

Now decide how you want to add the new Rewards URL.  For example, if you have a button that says "Click here to see your offer" you could change the link. 

Highlight the button and click the "link" icon on the top bar.

The link pop up will appear.   It will likely reference the SalesBuilder !!:OfferLink:!! which normally shows a picture of the coupon.

Change the Protocol to https:// and then paste the URL (without the https://) in the URL field.

Alternatively, you may want to leave the button as is and add a new section to your email promoting "Order Online Now to Redeem Your Reward". 

When you are done, save your message changes.

What The Customer Sees

When the customer clicks through, they will be taken to your Online Ordering site.  They'll first get the log on screen, to enter their e-mail and password.   If a customer has not ordered online before, they will need to create an account here by entering their e-mail (the same one they use for loyalty).    After logging in, they will see their Rewards page: 

They can click on the offer to begin an order.

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