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Use Affiliates To Build Community Referrals

Looking for a way to build your presence in the community while adding members to your rewards program?  The Affiliates program lets you connect with community organizations.  Your customers will feel great about spending money with you when they know it benefits their local school, team or club.  

Affiliates can promote their own personal sign up pages to gain members, and members can associate themselves with an affiliate via their profile page.  You control how many points an affiliate can earn for referring a customer and for that customer's spending.   And you can create special campaigns, e-mails and offers to reward your affiliates when they reach a certain point level. 

Read the Affiliate guide below to learn more! 

If the affiliate drop down does not appear on the member profile screen, make sure that the affiliate record has a "PURL" name (Personal URL). This is required to make the affiliate appear on the drop down list.

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