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Using Promo Codes for Customer Sign Up

Sign up as many new customers as possible into your SalesBuilder loyalty program with creative use of the “Promo Code” feature.
SalesBuilder allows you to create various “Promo Codes” tied to different offers. For example you could have a “FREESLICE”, “FREEWINGS” and a “FREEPIZZA” code for 3 corresponding coupons. Just direct potential customers to (substituting your own rewards program URL) to enter their promo code.
Here’s a sample of what that screen looks like:

Once the customer enters the promo code, they’ll be on a sign up screen. Fill it out and they 
will be entered in the system and started on the default Campaign, receiving the “Website  Welcome” message. But instead of the normal offer associated with that message, they’ll get whatever offer corresponds to the promo code they entered.   Keep in mind, this is only for new customers -- existing customers will be notified that they are already signed up.
By tracking how many of each offers was sent, you can evaluate the effectiveness of various marketing programs.
So how to use this feature? 
● Include a special offer in a new-movers packet to attract new customers in your area. Designate a special promo code for them.
● Hand out promo codes at special events, fundraisers or community events.
● Distribute promo codes at local schools or sporting events
● Run a Facebook ad or Google adwords ad with a specific promo code
● Post a promo code on Facebook or Twitter to invite people to sign up. 
● Hand out promo codes to passersbys or in front of the grocery store
● Include a promo code on a door hanger to residents in your neighborhood
This feature is a great way to promote trial with a more aggressive offer than you might give a regular customer who signs up for the loyalty program. Once they try your restaurant, and you already have their e-mail, you can keep communicating with them and they will be on their way to becoming a regular customer.
How to set up this feature:
● Log on to your SalesBuilder reward system.
● If you need to add the offer first, click on Communications / Manage Offers / Add Offer  
● Give the offer a name and enter the offer details. (Remember to add this offer to your POS system using the Offer ID to link the 2 systems)  
● Now Click on Broadcast / Promo Codes
● Click on ADD

● Enter the promo code name (one word, like FREEPIZZA)
● Enter an expiration date, after which the promo code will no longer work.
● Select the offer that corresponds with this promo code.

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