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An Escalating Reward Cycle

One fun way to reward your customers is with an "Escalating rewards" scheme.  Customers keep earning points, gaining small rewards along the way, until they reach a big reward, and then the cycle starts over again. 

For example: 
  • At 25 points, earn a free small drink
  • At 50 points, earn a free small fry
  • At 75 points, get a free cookie with purchase
  • At 100 points, get a free lunch!   Points then reset & you start over again. 
To set this up, you'll need to create a message for each award you wish to offer.   
For your first 3 messages, you'll add them to your campaign using the "Point Balance" trigger

In the example above, we've set our first message "Way to Get Started" to send at 25 points.  We'll attach an offer that expires in 30 days.  We've set the "Z" value to N as we do not want to erase these points when the offer is triggered.    Set up your next 2 messages similarly at x = 50 and x = 75. 

Now, we can set up the big reward at the end.  

Here I've created the "You Did It" email that will be sent at 100 points.  Still using the Point Balance trigger, the difference is that the Z value is Y, which means that 100 points will be deducted when this email is sent, so the customer will start the cycle over again.

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