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Adding a Landing Page Link In Your Message

When you send messages to customers -- either campaign messages or broadcast messages -- if you attach an offer, you must make sure that the message includes a "Landing Page" link.

What is a Landing Page? 
A Landing Page is the web page that will display the specific coupon details for your customer.  You can format this page to include other graphics and text as well as the coupon information. 

The Landing Page Link
When the customer receives the e-mail or text message, a link in the message will allow them to click through to the landing page.  To add this link, you simply put this merge tag (with the punctuation just like you see it here) anywhere in the text of the message: 


This will create a long URL that the customer can click on.   But perhaps you want a cleaner look rather than the long, unique URL for each customer.  You can use text, such as "Click Here" or an image, such as a button that says "Click Here".   You just need to create a hyperlink by highlighting the text or selecting the image and clicking on the hyperlink button (which looks like a chain). 

Normally, you would create a hyperlink to a specific web address, such as your website. But for the landing page, you can leave the web address blank.  Instead, click on the "Protocol" field and change it to "Other".  Then put the landing page tag  !:LandingPage:! 

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