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Post to Facebook To Promote Your Loyalty Program

SalesBuilder can help promote your loyalty program with automatic, recurring Facebook posts on your business Facebook page. 

Connecting your Facebook Page:

To connect your Facebook page to SalesBuilder:
  • Navigate to My Account / Account Settings
  • Click on Social Media settings
  • Click on Connect / Change Facebook Account
  • Sign in to Facebook and allow the app permissions.  Choose "public" for your post visibility.
  • Select the personal and/or business page account(s) you wish to post to
Tip:  If you don't see the "Social Media Settings" option, social media may not be active for your account.  Please contact technical support for assistance activating this feature.

Scheduling Automated Posts: 

To Schedule Automated Posts:
  • Connect your account as above
  • Click on the "Automated Publishing" link
  • Enter a Post Name, Post content
  • Select an image (optional).  If necessary, upload an image to be hosted in SalesBuilder.   Your image should be 470 x 236 pixels size to post correctly. 
  • Enter a link URL, if desired.   If you don't enter a link, your program sign up link will default. 
  • Save your post, or Save & Publish to preview on your Facebook page (you can delete if it from Facebook if needed)
Once you have created several posts, you can schedule them to rotate automatically.
  • Choose your posting interval.  If you post a lot of content to Facebook, you may want to post these promotions frequently, every few days.  If you rarely post content, spread out these promotions so they won't be the only thing your customers see!
  • Choose when to start automated posting
  • Choose the time of day to post.
If you wish to make any or all of your postings inactive, just click the "Active" checkbox next to the post.

Don't forget to save your changes!

Posting to Facebook during broadcast email
When you create a broadcast email to go out to all your customers, you're probably sending a message that you'd also like to share on Facebook.  Salesbuilder makes it easy to automatically post to Facebook at the same time as your scheduled broadcast.   Just create your Facebook content as part of the broadcast process! 

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