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Customer Social Profiles

Ever wish you could learn more about your customers?   Find out which ones are influencers in the world of social media, and where they have social followers?  

With Salesbuilder's Social Profile feature, you can!  This feature (included in the "ultimate" Salesbuilder subscription) will automatically pull in key social data, just a based on your customer's email address.

Some of the things you may be able to learn:
  • Customer's first & last name, if you don't already have it
  • Customer Picture
  • Customer's Facebook profile
  • Customer's Twitter name & the URL for their profile
  • Total # of Twitter followers the customer has
  • Customer's Foursquare URL
  • Customer's Klout Score*

So, What can you do with this information?

A pretty picture of your customer is nice, but how can you use this information to improve your marketing?   Here's some ideas:
  • A special message or offer to those customers who have a good deal of social influence.  Use our "Social Influencers" list (which tracks customers with a Klout score of 15 or more) to email an invite to a special event, or an opportunity to try your latest creation.   You know these customers are most likely to share their good experience on social media!
  • Target Foursquare users with a special promotion.  Since Foursquare is all about finding the perfect place to go out with friends, you know that customers who use Foursquare are a great target audience. Remind them to check in and review your location!
  • Connect on Twitter.   If a customer has a lot of Twitter followers, tweeting them a thank you for a great survey response or a reminder that they have a reward waiting is a nice unexpected way to communicate, and will help you get noticed!
Right now, lists are available to use when selecting customers for a broadcast email.  In the future, SalesBuilder may help to automate some of these messages via campaigns or direct communication to Twitter.

How it works:
  • Whenever a customer is added, their social profile information will be updated
  • Check the customer profile screen to see their social information and picture
  • For existing customers without a profile, we'll update their profile when a transaction is posted for them. 
Note:  Not all customers have social information publicly available. Some may have none, some may have just a few elements.  Your results may vary depending on your demographics, but expect 30-40% of your customers to have some social information available.

Watch this video to see the Social Profile feature in action!

If you are interested in using the social profile feature, please contact your account manager to upgrade to the Ultimate package.  Already an Ultimate subscriber?  Your account manager will activate this feature for you. 

*What's a Klout Score?   Its a # between 1 and 100 that indicates how influential the person is on social media.  Higher scores = more active.  But just being active does not make you influential. It also measures how the ability to drive action.  Read more here!

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