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Customer Transaction History

The Transaction History screen will show you all the transactions to your system.  A transaction is posted when an order is closed in your POS system, or you can manually post a transaction within the SalesBuilder system. 

You can view the history of all transactions, or just a specific customer. We'll explore both in this article.

Transaction History

To see the recent transactions, navigate to Transactions > History

On this screen, you have some options for searching and filtering results. 

Only Gift Cards - Check this box if you wish to limit results to gift card transactions only (not available with all POS systems).

Locations - Click on the locations link to expand the list of store locations.  Pick one or more locations to view.

From / To Date - Choose your timeframe

CardID - enter an individual customer's cardID if you wish to limit results to a single customer.

Use the GO button to refresh the results.   You can also Export or Import transactions.

The resulting transaction list will show you relevant customer data, the transaction $ amount and the points earned for that transaction.  

The Promo column will show data if a reward offer was used on the transaction.  The format is like 7 / 350.  The first number corresponds to the PromoID of the trigger message that was sent, i.e. it may reference a welcome, a reward, etc.  The second number indicates the OfferID of the offer that was used. 

Customer Transaction History

This same screen is available for an individual customer directly from the Edit Customer screen. Click on the Transactions link to see transactions for a particular customer.

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