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Multi-Use Offers

Sometimes, you may want to give your loyal customers a reward they can use over an over again.   For example:
  • Once you've spent $1000, you get a free size upgrade on your pizza whenever you order - for the next year!
  • Kids eat free all month - for loyalty members only
  • Loyalty members who've ordered this month get 10% off all next month!
  • Treat a friend to lunch month:  Buy one get one lunch combo all month
To create a multi-use reward:
  • Navigate to Communications / Campaign Manager
  • Click on the Offers Tab
  • For any existing offer, click on the "Multi-Use" column (where it says "NO") to change it to "YES"
  • Now that offer, wherever it is used - can be used over and over again until it expires. 
  • Attach the offer to a broadcast e-mail or make it part of a campaign message that's triggered when you hit a certain spending level.
  • If you need to create a new offer, read how here.

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