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Lifetime Spend Rewards

Lifetime spend rewards are a great way to recognize your best customers.  While normal point-based reward repeat every time the customer earns a normal point amount, the Lifetime Spend rewards are special messages that go out when a customer's total spending reaches the specified amount. 

For example, you may give a $5 reward after every $50 spent.   However, to recognize your best customers you may also want to give:
  • $250 spent gets you a free meal with purchase
  • $500 spent gets you a free lunch
  • $750 spent gets you a free pizza
  • $1000 spent gets you a $20 gift card
  • etc . . you can set as many Lifetime Spend rewards as you want! 
To get started, navigate to Communications / Campaign Manager and click on your default campaign.  Create a new campaign message  (learn how here).  After you've saved the message,  add to your campaign.

  • Select the "All Time Spending Reward" trigger
  • In the X column, enter the spending amount that will trigger this reward
  • In the Y column, enter the # of days for expiration of the reward. 
  • Be sure to attach an offer to the message! Learn How Here.
Keep in mind, this will only be triggered based on actual spending, not on bonus points earned on double point days, for referrals, or other bonus point programs.   The customer will get each reward only once, as their spending will never be reset. 

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