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SalesBuilder 101 - An Overview To Get Started

If you are new to SalesBuilder, review these articles to get you started with the basics!


Understanding Loyalty Workflow

Get an overview of how your customers will enroll, earn points, get rewarded, and redeem rewards!   Get Started

Article  / Video

SalesBuilder & Thr!ve

Learn how your POS system integrates to provide a user friendly loyalty experience.   Get Started

OR, check out other POS integrations


SalesBuilder Home Screen

Learn the basics of what the SalesBuilder program has to offer

Get Started


Customer Search

Learn how to search for your loyalty customers.   Get Started


Customer Edit

Learn how to manage customer data!   Get Started

Article & Video:

Send A Broadcast

Communicate with your customers - send out an e-mail broadcast!    Get Started


Reports Overview

Check out your results with reports!   Get Started

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