Use SMS Keywords For Special Offers

Looking for a fun way to promote your rewards program, attract new customers, or give your existing customers something special?   Use the SMS Keyword function.

For example, you could run a promotion at a local event - text the word "Slice" to your SMS phone # for a free slice of pizza.   By setting up "Slice" as a keyword, you can enroll new customers in a specific campaign and/or send a specific message as a response (with an offer).   This is a great way to obtain new customer sign ups and encourage trial at your business.

The SMS (texting) feature is an optional add-on for SalesBuilder.  If you do not have an SMS # currently, contact your account manager to set this up.  SMS Keywords are considered part of the "campaign" texts that are included in the monthly SMS fee. 

To set up an SMS Keyword, log in to salesbuilder and navigate to My Account / Account Settings.  At the top of the screen you'll see the button for SMS Keywords.   Click on this, then click "Add SMS Keyword" 

Here is a description of each feature: 
  • Keyword:  Enter the 1 word that the customer will text to trigger this campaign. 
  • New Customer Entry Point:  If yes, this campaign is limited to new customers only.  Existing customers will be rejected.
  • Allow New Customers: If yes, this campaign will enroll new customers. If no, new customers will be told this offer is for VIP members only. 
  • Default Campaigns for new members:  Select your default campaign for Email and SmartPhone.  Typically this is the "Default Premier Campaign" however you could select a different one specifically for these sign ups. 
  • Send Media:  Select a media (email  / text message) that you want to send to members who respond to this campaign. This media should contain the offer you are promoting.  So, if you say "Text SLICE to get a free slice", this media would promote the free slice campaign & include the free slice offer.   Note that this media will replace the "Welcome" offer for any new enrollments. 
  • Minimum Repeat Interval:  This prevents customers from receiving the offer over and over again.
  • Add Tags:   Use tags to mark these customers for future marketing purposes.
  • Add Extra / Non Default Campaigns:   This feature is not active at this time. 
Once you've set things up, SAVE and test it out!

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